About Us 

Cloquet Animal Hospital has been serving Cloquet and surrounding communities for over 75 years. Originally a mixed animal practice, we now specialize in small animals exclusively – dogs, cats, and pocket pets.

Dr. Shepherd and her husband Paul purchased Cloquet Animal Hospital in March 2007. Shortly after purchasing Cloquet Animal Hospital, they began improvements. The clinic has been completely remodeled, creating more space and a friendly warm environment.

As practice owner, Dr. Shepherd works to make sure she is providing the best possible care for the patients of Cloquet Animal Hospital. Equipment is frequently updated and better diagnostic tools are being sought out. You can be ensured your pet is receiving high quality care.

Some of our improvements include a complete in-house laboratory with results available within an hour, digital x-ray, digital dental x-rays, a surgical laser, therapeutic laser, and an ultrasound machine. Cloquet Animal Hospital also has excellent relationships with specialists from the Twin Cities who are often willing to see patients in Cloquet so pets don’t need to travel.

In 2016, the team at Cloquet Animal Hospital took classes and became “Fear Free Certified”. The classes taught us how to reduce fear, anxiety, and stress in our veterinary patients while at the clinic. You may see us employing some of these techniques by offering your pet treats, taking a slower approach with minimal handling, and even recommending medications to reduce anxiety for some patients.


Cloquet Animal Hospital Opens

Cloquet Animal Hospital has been in business at the same location for over sixty years. The hospital was originally started by Dr. Pattison and was a mixed animal practice. Dr. Jeff and Dr. Susan Abelt took over the practice in the 1980’s.


Cloquet Animal Becomes Exclusively Small Animal Hospital

In 2000, they decided to concentrate on only small animals in January 2000 the practice became small animal exclusive. 


Dr. Shepherd Purchases Cloquet Animal Hospital

Dr. Jennifer Shepherd and her husband Paul purchased the practice from the Abelts in March 2007. The hospital continues to be a small animal hospital, dedicated mainly to the treatment of dogs and cats. Some staff members remain from when the Abelts ran the hospital but there are also some new faces. Our staff is very knowledgeable as well as very caring and understanding. They all share a love of animals and work well as a team.


Cloquet Animal Hospital Gets a Facelift

When Paul first visited Cloquet Animal Hospital, he was inspired with the potential of the building and has been busy making improvements. If you haven’t been to the clinic in a few years, you are sure to notice a big difference. The outside of the building has received a face lift and the exam rooms and waiting room have a fresh coat of paint and new furniture to make it a more relaxing and comfortable environment. Some walls have been taken down to create a larger treatment room and the garage has been converted into an in-house laboratory and pharmacy. The animal hospitalization areas have also been improved.


New Technology

While Paul has been busy working to improve the aesthetics of the building, Dr. Jennifer Shepherd has been working hard to improve patient care and services that are offered. Dr. Abelt established Cloquet Animal Hospital as one of the only clinics in the area to offer laser surgery. Although Dr. Abelt took his laser with him when he left the practice, we felt it was a quality service we would like to continue to offer and we purchased a surgical laser in December 2007. We have also updated our dental equipment and now have a state of the art dental machine, x-ray machine, and digital x-ray to properly diagnose and treat dental problems. Many other pieces of equipment have also been purchased to help us provide the best care we can for your pet. In addition, appointment times have been lengthened to allow more time with our patients.

Veterinary medicine is a field that is constantly changing. We strive to stay current and offer the best care we can. We welcome any suggestions you may have regarding changes you would like to see.