October is National Pitbull Awareness Month. Pitbulls are loyal, gentle, and obedient animals. However, they’re often unfairly stigmatized as being aggressive. This is because of countless cases of animal cruelty where Pitbulls were forced to fight each other. But in reality, they are as sweet as can be. They’re often left at shelters far longer than other breeds because of these unjust stereotypes.

If you’re looking for a new best friend and fall for a friendly Pitbull at the shelter, don’t second guess your choice. They’re a great furry friend that you can count on. Take a look at why you should bring home a Pitbull home for the holidays.

1. They Are Super Athletes

Autumn is all about getting outside and enjoying the foliage and great weather. If you’re looking for a running, biking, or hiking companion, pitbulls are the perfect match for you. Not only do they have a lot of energy, but they’re also often great with other dogs and kids. 

So if you have a backyard, let your kids and your pup enjoy each other’s company. They’re great at swimming and fetching, and they are an all-around good-natured pooch. Like all dogs, they need enough exercise to release their pent-up energy, so that they’re not too rowdy around your home.

2. Pitbulls are Loving by Nature

If you’re looking for a loving and cuddly companion animal, pitbulls take the cake. Despite the strange stigma, pitbulls are very gentle and affectionate.

They love giving and receiving affection. Not only that, but they’re protective of their caregivers, which makes them the perfect dog for a family. Don’t make the mistake of taking protective, as aggressive. Pitbulls are absolutely not aggressive by nature. In fact, handlers bred pitbulls to be gentle and kind.

3. Look at that Smile!

There’s no doubt about it, having a pet is great for emotional and mental wellbeing. Coming home to your adorable pitbull, with their sweet smile, is bound to make your day better.

When they’re happy and relaxed, their smile will melt your heart. If you’re having a bad day, focusing on your pet can make you calmer, and less overwhelmed. 

4. Less Time, Energy, and Money for Grooming

Pitbulls only require baths about once a month. With their extremely short fur and docile temperament, giving them a bath is a breeze. There’s also no unnecessary expense for grooming or extra fancy shampoos. 

Due to their short length of fur, they’re also better for those with allergies too. They make companionship easy. Less bathing, brushing, vacuuming, and grooming, make Pitbulls an easier breed to care for. 

Taking your dog on a hike will be trouble-free, even if they step in mud or go for a swim in the lake. Cleaning your Pitbull will be much easier than a longhaired dog breed.

5. Loyalty is Underrated

Most people think that German Shepherds or Golden Retrievers are the most loyal breed. They may be some of the most brought-home dogs, but Pitbulls give them a run for the most loyal dog. Pitbulls are incredibly loyal to their families and are known as relentless cuddlers.

They know who rescued them and made them a central part of the family. Their extreme loyalty and intelligence help build trust between pups and their owners. 

Pitbulls are Friends for Life

You can’t deny that Pitbulls are great pets and even better family members. At Cloquet Animal Hospital, we’re here to help your family stay healthy. If you need your annual check-up, or if you have questions about your new furry friend, give us a call. We can’t wait to see their precious smile.

Image credit: Pexels