The loss of a pet is always difficult, and it can be especially hard during the holiday season. At Cloquet Animal Hospital, we understand how special pets are and the giant hole they can leave in our hearts. If you are grieving a recent loss, we hope these tips will provide some comfort during this time. 

The Grieving Process

Whether your loss was expected or sudden, there will be a lot of emotions you need to work through. Your grief may come in waves, and everyone handles it differently. You may experience anger, depression, guilt, or even denial. 

Although the holidays are typically filled with laughter and joy, it’s okay to take the time you need to mourn your beloved pet. Putting on a happy face just to get through the holidays can be detrimental to your grieving process. Just because you bottle them up doesn’t mean those feelings go away. It’s important to acknowledge your grief so you can begin to heal. 

Remembering a Life Well Lived 

The loss of your beloved pet may feel like a dark cloud hanging over your holiday season. It may seem impossible to think about celebrating during such a painful time. However, it is important to remember that your pet lived a beautiful life. Try to take comfort in the joyful times and memories you shared. 

Incorporating your pet’s memory into your holiday celebrations can be a great way of keeping their memory close. One way to do this is to light a remembrance candle for your pet. You can set up a picture of them and share stories with your friends and family as you light the candle. 

Another way you can honor your pet’s memory during the holiday season is by giving back. Animal shelters are often in need of donations and volunteers. Making a donation in your pet’s honor is a wonderful way to remember your pet’s legacy and help others in need.

Creating a Support System

Dealing with your loss while the rest of the world is celebrating can be extremely isolating. As your friends and family gather for the holidays, remember that your support system is important as you navigate your loss. Don’t be afraid to reach out for help when you need it.

If you are struggling to express your feelings, consider talking to a professional. Therapists can guide you through the grieving process. Additionally, it may be helpful to talk to others who are going through a similar experience in losing their pet. Pet loss support groups can help you connect with others and share your experience.

The Animal Emergency and Referral Center of Minnesota has compiled a great list of counseling and support groups resources. You can find this list and information about other resources for pet loss support here

We Are Here To Help

At Cloquet Animal Hospital, we are here to support you through this challenging time. We cherish your pet’s memory and the lasting impression they have left on your heart. If there is anything we can do to help, please give us a call at 218-879-9280.

Image credit: Pexels