Everyone deserves a chance to relax, including our pets! July 17-23 is Everybody Deserves a Massage Week and the perfect opportunity to show your pet some extra love. At Cloquet Animal Hospital, your pet’s physical and mental well-being is always our top priority. 

Here are a few tips on how to give your pet the perfect massage. 

Find a Comfy Space 

Before you get started, it’s essential to find a comfy spot. Choose a place where your pet can relax and move freely. This could be on the floor, their pet bed, or even the couch. 

If your pet struggles with arthritis or aching joints, consider a soft surface such as a carpeted area or plush bed. Hard surfaces such as tile or wood floors may cause more pressure on their sensitive joints and make it difficult for your furry friend to get comfortable.

Help Your Pet Relax 

Once you’ve found the perfect spot, it’s time to help your pet relax. A massage should be a pleasant experience for your pet, and you don’t want to stress them out. If you have a high-energy pup, consider taking them for a long walk or play session before you attempt a massage. This can help them burn off extra energy and help them settle down. 

It’s also essential to avoid certain times of the day when your pet may be anxious or excitable, such as just before meal time. Instead, choose a time when your pet is more likely to be calm. Some great options include right before bed or around their afternoon nap. 

Be Gentle and Start Slow

When you’re ready, start by using a soft and gentle touch. Run your hands down your pet’s neck and back to help their muscles relax. Long sweeping motions are great to start. As your pet gets more comfortable, incorporate smaller circular motions to help their muscles relax. You can also move to other parts of your pet’s body like their ears, legs, and base of the tail. 

Just like humans, every pet will have different massage preferences. Some pets may enjoy a deeper massage with more pressure, while others may be more sensitive. Pay attention to subtle cues and adjust your pressure as needed. If your pet attempts to move away or shows any signs of discomfort, consider using less pressure or moving to another area of the body. 

Take Note of Any Discomfort or Pain 

During your pet’s massage, you may notice areas of discomfort or swelling. Avoid any areas that are sensitive to the touch, but make a mental note of these issues. If your pet is extremely sensitive or you have concerns, consider giving us a call. We can perform a physical exam, and help you determine what is causing your pet’s discomfort.

Final Thoughts 

Every pet deserves a chance to relax and enjoy some extra attention. We hope this will serve as a helpful guide and encourage you to try a pet massage. Remember to be gentle and pay close attention to what your pet likes. 

If you have additional questions or are concerned about your pet’s comfort, please give us a call at 218-879-9280. Happy massage week!

Image credit: Pexels