Pet’s are perfect companions on the spookiest night of the year. However, while you’re excited for the magic and ghouls to appear, your pet may begin feeling anxiety from all the holiday anticipation along with the dreaded ring of the doorbell! Luckily, there are some simple ways to help put your furry friend at ease and make it an enjoyable day.

1. Protect the Candy

Candy gets dropped on Halloween – into baskets, into mouths, into pillowcases, and sometimes can find its way to the floor. Putting your pet away during candy distribution or being aware of potential hazards, can be helpful. Chocolate and xylitol are particularly toxic to pets. In large quantities, it can make them gravely ill.

Consider making your pet some pumpkin or ghost shaped treats. Handing them a peanut butter (xylitol free) or pumpkin puree cookie, made especially for them, can help them feel relaxed.

2. Don’t Eat the Decorations! 

Halloween is often known for its fantastic decorations. Going into a haunted house and seeing realistic spiders dangling is exciting and part of the ambience. Setting up your house with your own decorations can be difficult with pets, though.

Your cat might mistake a rubber spider for prey, or your dog could go barking and biting at the animatronic Frankenstein. Either way, it’s best to keep your pet away from the decorations. 

Pets can get sick from eating pieces of plastic or anxious from the unruly noise. They also have a tendency to get tangled in cords. Worst-case scenario is when a curious cat or dog tries to take a bite out of an electrical cord. 

Giving your pet a safe location or separate room will give them security amidst the celebrations. 

3. Beware of Glow Sticks

Glow sticks are fun to wear, and great to light up your kids as you go door-to-door. But for pets, the neon light can prove too exciting.

Your pet shines bright, from the inside out, but we don’t want a literal representation of that. Keeping glow sticks away from pets will keep them safe. If they accidentally find one and bite through it, wash out their mouth immediately and give us a call.

4. Costume Comfort is a Must

Pets dressed in costumes melt hearts and inspire smiles! Dressing them in hats also creates a cute photo-op. To shop for a safe costume, read reviews of the costume before purchasing.

Costumes with strings or buttons can be hazardous for your pet if left alone. It’s difficult to monitor them every minute. So, be sure to get a costume that keeps them comfortable and safe. Finding a loose-fitting pullover can keep them feeling cozy, instead of restricted. And do not leave your pet unattended or in their costume too long.

5. Beware of Pranks

Halloween night is filled with tricks and treats, and these tricks can include rambunctious pranks. To ensure your pet is kept safe, it’s best to keep them inside. You don’t want your cat wandering in the dark, amongst costumed kids, or your dog barking from the backyard.

Black cats are particularly vulnerable because of the superstitious symbolism of Halloween. Keeping them indoors, and snuggled at your side, is a recipe for success.

Carve a Cat-o-lantern for Howl-o-ween

From Cloquet Animal Hospital, have a spooky and fun holiday! If you find yourself in a scary situation, or you want to schedule an appointment, give us a call. Helping you protect your pet is our priority.

Image credit: Bogdan Kurylo/Getty Images Plus