You wouldn’t just see anyone for your pet’s veterinary care, so why use a stranger to fill your pet’s prescriptions? You put your trust in our hands when it comes to your pet’s health and wellbeing. If you use a big-box pharmacy or one of the 1-800- pet pharmacies, we offer comparable convenience and more. We hope you will consider extending that trust to having your pet’s medications and prescriptions filled by us. Why choose us to handle your pet’s prescriptions?

1. We Provide the Support You Need

Whether you have questions, concerns, or need a little advice, we’re here for you. We’re happy to chat with you at the time of pick up or over the phone to answer your questions or address your concerns regarding your pet’s medicines. 

Side effects can be scary if you’re unsure if they’re normal. We also know your pet’s health history and can make informed decisions regarding drug interactions and dosages for your pet. Whether you’re unsure if your pet’s medication is working effectively or if a side effect is cause for concern, we can give you the insight you need for peace of mind and safety. We can also answer questions about how your pet’s prescriptions can interact with supplements or other medications.

Additionally, we know administering medication isn’t always easy. We can walk you through some techniques and give you some tips to make medication time easier. 

2. We Take Extensive Care to Handle All Medications Properly

You want to know your pet’s medications have been handled properly and have not expired. When you order medications online, you risk receiving medication that has not been kept at the proper temperature and not stored under optimal conditions. 

Whether you order from us in-person, over the phone, or online, you can rest assured that we always store medications based on their recommended storage spec, and we always cycle medications to ensure they’re fresh and ready to treat your pet.

3. The Big Guys aren’t the Only Ones with Perks

We know you appreciate automatic refills and delivery right to your door. If you thought that the 1-800-pet people were the only ones that offered the convenience of doorstep delivery, check out our online pharmacy. You can even order your pet’s toys, treats, and supplements easily from the comfort of your home.

4. Using a Local Business Keeps Your Money Within the Community

We feel lucky that we’ve been part of the Cloquet community for the past 75 years. Providing local jobs and caring for local pets makes us happier than we can describe. Choosing to fill your pet’s prescriptions with us allows us to continue to provide employment for all the wonderful people that keep your pets healthy. Where does your money go when you use one of the big guys?

Fill Your Pet’s Prescriptions with a Business That Puts Them First

You put your trust in us to provide your pet with the best veterinary care in the Cloquet area. We know your pet and you know us. Whether you have a Chihuahua that thinks medication is the enemy or a cat that cannot stand the taste of their pills, we’re here to support you. Support our small business in return by transferring your pet’s flea and tick medication, heartworm preventative, or any other medications to us.

Is your pet due for a prescription refill? Schedule an appointment today. Call us at (218) 879-9280.

Photo credit: Pexels